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Dear Parents,

Are you approaching the next milestone in your child’s development journey – preschool?

Selecting a preschool that is a good fit for your child can be exciting as well as overwhelming. As a parent, you want to be confident in your choice of preschool, but how do you make the best choice?

  • Are you raising your child in a mainly English-speaking home environment with very little exposure to Chinese language?

  • Are you concerned about your ability to coach your child in Chinese when he/she enters formal education?

  • Are you looking for proven ways to nurture your child to be effectively bilingual from young so he/she will have an easier time in school later?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to the above questions, then you understand the importance for your child to have a strong foundation in Chinese despite limited exposure to the language at home.

If you want a trusted preschool that can help your child build the foundational blocks of Chinese language mastery, you have found just the ideal solution right here…

Introducing MindChamps Chinese PreSchool


MindChamps Chinese PreSchool was established in 2015 to meet the needs of parents to provide their children (aged 18 months - 6 years) with a solid foundation in the Chinese language.

We offer a nurturing and vibrant Chinese speaking and learning environment to help children cultivate a genuine love for the language, to speak it fluently and experience the Chinese culture and heritage through integrated learning – e.g. Chinese folk songs, clay sculpting and Chinese calligraphy.

Find Out How We Can Help Nurture Your Child’s Love For Chinese Language


MindChamps Chinese PreSchool
Complimentary Trial Class

@ Thomson / Cecil Street


Save up to $1,800* + Starter Kit worth $150!

What Makes MindChamps Chinese PreSchool’s Curriculum So Unique?


As an award-winning preschool, MindChamps Preschool is recognized internationally for its unique research-based curriculum, which nurtures children with the confidence of a Champion Mindset.

This stellar recognition is achieved through collaboration with leading experts across various disciplines, including world-renowned neuroscientist Professor Emeritus Allan Snyder FRS. (Centre for the Mind, University of Sydney)

Now, with MindChamps’ highly successful curriculum available in Chinese, your child has the opportunity to be nurtured holistically in a positive Chinese-speaking learning environment.

Benefits of A Chinese-Speaking Learning Environment For Your Child:

  • Provides ample opportunity to practice conversing in Chinese for greater flair and fluency

  • Strengthens your child’s natural learning ability by nurturing his/her Champion, Learning and Creative Minds

  • Develops a lasting interest and love for Chinese language through fun and engaging learning activities

Star Qualities Of MindChamps Chinese PreSchool That Your Child Will Love


While Chinese Culture Appreciation Programme is conducted only during the break in between terms for 2 weeks as an introductory programme at MindChamps bilingual PreSchool; it is a core programme that your child will attend weekly at MindChamps Chinese PreSchool.

This provides a fully immersive learning experience for your child, which comprises of a variety of Chinese-infused activities such as:


Chinese Calligraphy & Painting

From brushes to ink and parchment, your child will be introduced to the tools used in this ancient art form. There will be opportunities for him/her to practice techniques of holding the brushes and learning how to manage the strokes. This activity will help to develop gross motor skills, coordination and creativity.


Tea Appreciation

Through a simple traditional tea ritual, your child will learning meaningful lessons of gratitude and respect, especially to elders. Available for N1 – K2.


Clay Sculpting

Your child will learn how to sculpt simple figurines, which will help to develop their co-ordination skills, patience and focus. Dough instead of clay is used for PlayGroup and Nursery 1.


Chinese Knots

This activity builds on your child’s motor skills, which helps to develop his/her ability to perform everyday tasks more independently, such as feeding oneself, buttoning, washing hands.


Chinese Opera

This form of drama and musical theatre will encourage your child to learn essential skills of public speaking and nurturing his/her self-confidence to express ideas and opinions, all through role-play activities.


Chinese Chess

Known as “xiang qi” in Chinese, this is one of the most popular strategy board games that originated from China. Your child will learn the art of planning ahead and train his/her ability to focus and concentrate on a task at hand. Available for K1 & K2.

Start Early, Nurture Your Child To Be A Champion For Success in School & Life


Join us for a complimentary trial class to find out how MindChamps Chinese PreSchool can help your child (aged 18 months - 6 years) develop a champion mind while building a solid foundation for Chinese language.


MindChamps Chinese PreSchool
Complimentary Trial Class

@ Thomson / Cecil Street


Save up to $1,800* + Starter Kit worth $150!

What Makes MindChamps Chinese PreSchool Different From Other Chinese PreSchools?


8 Ways That Your Child Will Benefit From MindChamps Chinese PreSchool’s Unique Curriculum


This specially crafted Chinese-infused curriculum provides an immersive learning experience with multiple benefits for your child in learning the Chinese language:

Here’s Why Singapore Parents* Vote MindChamps as the #1 Choice for 4 Consecutive Years

Chin Gek Khim_Mother of Low Jun Chen Kedric

Within a short period after Kedric enrolled in MindChamps Chinese PreSchool, I observed that he became much more interested in learning. He developed the ability to recognise and read English words and Chinese characters based on the techniques he learnt in preschool. Moreover, he started to speak in Mandarin more often. The positive changes that I witnessed in Kedric give us the confidence that MindChamps Chinese PreSchool will help him prepare well for Primary 1. What’s more, there are programmes (e.g. MindChamps Reading & Writing Programme) that are part of the MindChamps Chinese PreSchool curriculum that are conducted in English. This will help prepare my son to cope with the bilingual requirement of Primary School.

- Chin Gek Khim, parent of Low Jun Chen Kedric

Tan Chiang Poo_Father of Tan Siang Ying

I enrolled my daughter, Siang Ying, in MindChamps Chinese PreSchool to strengthen her foundation in the Chinese language. After two months, she’s now more fluent in her spoken Mandarin and more confident in expressing her feelings and thoughts. As MindChamps Chinese PreSchool also teaches her Math (Numeracy Strategies) and English (MindChamps Reading & Writing) as part of their curriculum, I am confident that she will be ready, both academically and mentally, when she enters primary school.

- Tan Chiang Poo, parent of Tan Siang Ying

Lim Song Kiat_Father of Javier Lim Jun Feng

Javier has exhibited marked improvement in his command for the Chinese language after enrolling into MindChamps Chinese PreSchool! He’s been speaking mandarin with me and could recognise his ABCs and 123, he achieved full score in his Chinese spelling, and is able to write his name in both English and Chinese. What a difference a few months made! am so glad I took the plunge and made the decision to change his preschool.I’m also proud to say that Javier now looks forward to go to school and even requested to be in school early. Thank you MindChamps Chinese Preschool!

- Lim Song Kiat, parent of Javier Lim Jun Feng


Mika joined MindChamps Chinese Preschool when we relocated from overseas. She was studying in an international school prior to coming back to Singapore. The transition was not easy for Mika until we found MindChamps! Mika's health began to improve tremendously since joining MindChamps Chinese PreSchool, much to our relief. She also mentioned to us that the teaching in MindChamps is very interesting and told us that the teachers always talk to her nicely even when she made mistakes. It's such a joy seeing her enjoying going to school again!

- Tobita Nishika (Cecilia), parent of Tobita Mika

Choose Your Most Convenient MindChamps Chinese PreSchool From 2 NEW Locations


MindChamps Chinese
PreSchool @ Cecil Street

  • 6 spacious classrooms

  • Well-equipped gym room for NeuroMooves programme

  • Dedicated room for enrichment lessons and meal times

  • In-house nutritious meals for champs

  • Indoor Playroom

105 Cecil Street, #04-01/04, The Octagon,
Singapore 069534


MindChamps Chinese
PreSchool @ Thomson

  • Approximately 10,000 sq ft of learning space

  • Spacious room to conduct the Chinese Cultural Appreciation Programme

  • Dedicated room for music appreciation

  • Well-equipped gym room for NeuroMooves programme

  • Specially designed gourmet space

512A Thomson Road, #02-01, SLF Podium,
Singapore 298137

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